Healthy Hair Bundle
Healthy Hair Bundle
Healthy Hair Bundle
Healthy Hair Bundle
Healthy Hair Bundle
Healthy Hair Bundle

Healthy Hair Bundle

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Get the healthiest hair with these three products!

Products in bundle: Hemp Shampoo, Hemp Conditioner and Erase

Michael Christopher Luxury Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Shampoo

Purify your hair care routine to maintain gorgeous growth and heathier looking hair and scalp.

Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Shampoo is exclusively formulated to stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair.
Amazing Ingredients: A Powerful earthy blend of Biotin, Ginseng, Iceland moss, Cannabis Sativa Seed oil, and Rosemary Leaf Extract to help your hair become more resistant to breakage. Leaving it soft and more manageable.
Directions: Apply a dime size amount, lather and massage Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Shampoo into scalp. Follow with Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Conditioner for best results. Can be used daily and on all types of hair!


Michael Christopher Luxury Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Conditioner

A down to earth weightless formula designed to effortlessly moisturize and optimize hair growth for fuller/stronger looking hair.
Amazing Ingredients: Strengthen your hair with a unique infusion of Biotin, Iceland Moss, Spirulina Extract, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, and Rosemary Leaf Extract to help increase hair thickness and restore softness and shine.
Directions: Apply after washing with Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Shampoo, massage and work through wet hair from ends to scalp. Leave in 1-5 minutes. Rinse. Hemp & Rosemary Reconstructing Conditioner will leave hair hydrated, looking healthier and full of life. Good for all hair types.


Michael Christopher Erase - Hair & Scalp Exfoliation Treatment with Baking Soda

  • One 8 ounce container of Michael Christopher Erase is a unique exfoliation treatment for the scalp and erases all traces of product buildup in a gentle, fragrance-free formula with baking soda as the main ingredient - the scalp is the starting point by which your hair grows and the quality of your hair is a manifestation of the health of your scalp
  • All natural ingredients Erase is a revolutionary baking soda based exfoliation treatment for the hair and scalp that can be used with ANY shampoo. Formulated to remove all traces of buildup that comes from styling products and environmental elements
  • Your scalp dictates the health of your hair - Many experts feel that caring for the scalp should be a priority in the same way that caring for facial skin is - as an essential part of our daily routine. Consequences of neglecting your scalp are much more severe than most of us would guess, with hair thinning, breakage and even hair loss at the top of the list - Erase will NOT strip color OR have a negative effect on other hair processes OR leaving hair feeling dry
  • Thick, strong hair will grow from a healthy, well-hydrated scalp - Truly cleans hair and scalp so that the styling products that you use will perform better on the hair
  • Treat your hair & scalp like you treat your skin - It's so important to keep your scalp healthy to prevent hair thinning, breakage and loss - Erase will provide enhanced shine, body, color, brightness and a youthful feel and texture
  • MADE IN THE USA - Cruelty free - Not tested on animals